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Hannah Longmuir | ARTIST & FOUNDER

I am a countryside artist based in the Scottish Borders. Working mainly in pencil, I record the details of the fields and woodlands and hedgerows around me.

I aim to create calm, delicate drawings, carefully observed and full of character. I then use these drawings to create my range of nature-inspired cards and stationery.

My work captures a moment in time and conveys the sense of stillness and peace that I feel when I am in the countryside.

I became a mum to the sweetest little boy – nickname Pig – in 2019. I’m so excited for him to grow up in the same landscape as I grew up in and love. We love exploring the woodland where we live together. I take my camera and my sketchbook and I try to look carefully at the world. I would love to think that my work inspires others to reconnect with the countryside around them, and perhaps even to have a go at drawing it themselves. You can see some of my sketchbook work in my journal.

If you are interested in stocking the paper goods in your lovely shop, please contact me.

The Story

So Far...

I officially launched my business in 2011 but the story really began when I was a little girl.

I grew up here in the Scottish Borders countryside and was always bringing home pebbles and caterpillars and feathers and toads to draw. My mum said I needed to live in a paper factory rather than a house because I went through so much paper for my drawings.

And then, many years later, while working in a library and drawing in all my spare time, I had the idea to combine my loves of nature, drawing and beautiful paper goods into a business. Horribly under-qualified, and without much of a plan, I quit my library job and moved back to the Borders.

Once back home, I acquired the world’s worst behaved puppy which meant I had to head out walking for several hours a day to try to exhaust him. I began drawing what I’d seen on those walks and re-discovered my passion for drawing the countryside.

Ten years later, I still love running my little business which is inspired by the beautiful countryside all around me.

Recent achievements include:

Celebrating ten years in business! A whole decade of drawing.

I’m delighted to have raised £416 for a local organisation, Nature Unlimited CIC, who nurture resilience and wellbeing through their woodland project.

The Studio

We moved three summers ago to a house in the most magical woodland. We are surrounded by bunnies, squirrels, wood pigeons, deer and owls. Most days we are shouted at by the grumpy heron on the river.

We see tree creepers in the woodland and nuthatches, woodpeckers, long tailed tits, goldfinches and pheasants in the garden. There’s a nosy robin who sits on the handles of our French doors and peers into the living room.

Living here, so far, has been a dream.

I have a studio in the house. It is a cardboard kingdom stacked to the ceiling with product and pictures. I am not tidy. The dream would be to have a shop one day with plenty of space for visitors.

When I’m not drawing, my favourite things are: day trips, winter beach walks, swallows, peas, crumpets, hedgehogs and letter writing. Seeing a heron makes me happy.

If you’re interested in seeing (lots) more pics of the studio, where I live, and my work, you can follow me on Instagram.

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