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March sketchbook page Hannah Longmuir

March 2023 Sketchbook & Journal The baby is one! March has been dominated by the count-down to the baby’s first birthday.  I’m a sentimental human being.  My mind has been full of “this time last year” thoughts, remembering being full-up of baby (a breech baby, kicking my lungs), the bittersweetness of final days out just […]

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February sketchbook page by Hannah Longmuir

February 2023 Sketchbook & Journal Here’s my sketchbook pages and notes from the (thankfully) shortest month of the year. I tend to think of February as a bit of a non-month, really.  A funny little insert month between proper winter and proper spring. But it is only actually two days shorter than other months, so

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sketchbook page boy with dinosaur hat Hannah Longmuir

January 2023 Sketchbook & Journal Thank you for starting off 2023 with me!  Here’s my sketchbook pages and notes from the first month of the year. On Hogmanay, I commented to Ross that if Trix knew all she was expected to achieve this coming year, she might be a little overwhelmed. Crawling, teeth, talking, walking,

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December sketchbook Hannah Longmuir sunset and silhouetted trees

December Review: Snow, Warmth, Magic My final review blog of the year… FIRST SNOW Early December, and the first snowfall of the winter came. There’s nothing more simultaneously peaceful and thrilling than opening the curtains to a blanket of unexpected snow. The startling whiteness! The stillness, the sparkle, the way it turns-upside-down all your plans

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November sketchbook Hannah Longmuir

November Review: Calpol & Damp Leaves Here’s my review of the first of the dark months… November and the first of the Nasty Winter Bugs hit the household.  Piglet first, then the baby.  A gruesome cough and a temperature. Nothing spectacular but it wiped them out for over a week.  Being stuck at home with

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October muddy puddles Hannah Longmuir

October Review: Mostly Puddles Here’s my review of the my favourite month of the year… October things: huge house spiders, the heaviest rain, diamond rain drops on spider webs, very muddy puddles, apples, lichen, toadstools, soggy moss, orange leaves. I tend to feel good in the autumn.  More grounded. Moored, somehow. I feel that especially

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September sketchbook Hannah Longmuir

September Review: Hectic Fruitfulness What a busy month! Join me in my review of it. I’m absolutely amazed that I have found a moment to write a September review, or to draw in my sketchbook at all.  September has been a very busy month.  For me, work has been full on (which is great, always

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July August sketchbook Hannah Longmuir

Half-of-July and August Review: summer ends Here we are, at the tail-end of summer, and I couldn’t be more ready to move on to autumn. I last wrote half way through July, mid-heatwave.  Other than cursing the heat and sweating my way through all the baby’s naps, I was having a wonderful summer exploring with

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June sketchbook Hannah Longmuir

June and half-of-July Review: things summer should be We went on holiday at the end of June which meant I had no chance to write a review post so here it is now, half-way-through-July.   Piglet is at an age now where the summer months are all about him.  Summer is for kids.  Long, warm days

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May Sketchbook page Hannah Longmuir

May Review: Only Joy I have nothing bad to say about May.  She’s been kind to me. May is a naturally joyful month.  All the fresh bright greens in a billion different shades, leaves so bountiful the trees are weighed down, canopies so dense that they form dark tunnels. Bees buzzing, swallows and swifts filling

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