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Here at Drygrange there are some wonderful Horse Chestnut trees in the woodland.  I have two favourites in particular.  One of them overhangs the drive in, and the other one is fairly nearby down a muddy slope.  I always make a point of greeting them as we walk by.  I have really enjoyed watching them […]

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We moved house at the end of the summer so this is our first spring in New House. It’s been completely joyful discovering the spring flowers, one by one, as they make their appearance. Neither of us are gardeners, really, so we don’t always know what it is we are looking at, or how to

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The bird feeders in the garden at New House are very busy. I call it the Great Tit Kingdom. The Great Tits are the majority party, and seem to rule the feeders. Then there’s the Blue Tits and Coal Tits who compete for space on a daily basis. The Nuthatches and Woodpeckers are more sporadic

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One thing we were delighted to discover when we moved into The New House was that the peanut feeders in the garden were frequented by nuthatches. They are a bird I’ve always admired but not known a great deal about so I decided to do some research. Here’s what I learnt: Nuthatches seldom travel far

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As part of the Just A Card campaign that highlights the value of shopping from independent makers, shops and galleries, I’ve put together a quick guide to some of my favourite makers in right here in the Scottish Borders.  Don’t worry if you’re not in the area to buy from them: they have online shops!

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