I’ve chosen the oystercatcher as my bird of the month for April.  I’ve always loved oystercatchers.  They were my Gran’s favourite bird (and I have a Mairi Hedderwick oystercatcher print that was hers).  They are seaside nostalgia.  They are noisy and bold and a bit extra.  They eat cockles like Londoners.  There’s nothing not to […]

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I have chosen the jay as my bird of the month for March. Jays are woodland birds and we are lucky to live on the edge of a wood.  Our neighbours have lovely mature gardens with lots of trees which brings the jays into the gardens.  We’ve seen one on our feeders several times.  Every

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My bird of the month for February is the mute swan.  Here’s why: Swans have been really visible this month.  At the start of the month the pond near us, at Tweedbank, was frozen solid and the swans stood awkwardly on top of the ice.  I always think swans look funny standing.  They are so

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We really love putting food out for the birds. Pig helps me scoop the peanuts and sunflower hearts and roll lovely round fat balls into the feeders.  He’s very serious about carrying them back out to the garden without spilling any seed.  Ross gave me a window feeder for my birthday and it has been

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Heron sketchbook page Hannah Longmuir

This year I am going to feature a ‘Bird of the Month’ on the blog as the year goes by.  This is the first in the series. My bird of the month for January is the heron.  It took me all month to decide.  Then on Monday I was walking down by the river and

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We currently have a large group of Long Tailed Tits who come to the feeders every day to feast on the fat balls.  They pop to and from the tree to the side of the feeders – some feed, some keep a noisy chattering watch from the tree.  The best view of them is from

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Although many different species of birds frequent our bird feeders in the garden, it is the kingdom of the Great Tit. These handsome, squabbalacious tits are the no-nonsense rulers of the peanut feeders. They pester, bully and quarrel with the smaller birds. It seems that the coal tits and blue tits are mere subjects in

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I didn’t find as much time to keep my holiday sketchbook as I usually do! I naively packed lots of activities – books and drawing work and so on – thinking that there would be time for lovely hobbies on holiday. Of course, the baby doesn’t do quiet hobbies. I managed just three sketchbook pages

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Today, the first Sunday in May, is International Dawn Chorus Day. This day is an annual celebration of the peak of the spring dawn chorus symphony. All over the country there are early morning walks and events planned to celebrate the most magical of natural phenomenon. From 4am the countryside wakes up, one species of

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