The bird feeders in the garden at New House are very busy. I call it the Great Tit Kingdom. The Great Tits are the majority party, and seem to rule the feeders. Then there’s the Blue Tits and Coal Tits who compete for space on a daily basis. The Nuthatches and Woodpeckers are more sporadic […]

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This is the time of year when it’s good to get your nest boxes cleaned out and ready for a new generation of feathered inhabitants. Here’s the RSPB advice on how to clean out your nest box. Small birds tend to pair up and prospect for their nesting site in the latter half of February

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One thing we were delighted to discover when we moved into The New House was that the peanut feeders in the garden were frequented by nuthatches. They are a bird I’ve always admired but not known a great deal about so I decided to do some research. Here’s what I learnt: Nuthatches seldom travel far

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Those of you who follow me on Instagram will know that we had a swallow’s nest in the back porch with four little swallow babies who have now fledged and are fending for themselves.  I kept a diary of the activities of our swallow family which I thought you might like to read (and see my

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The last week of June was absolutely scorching here in the Scottish Borders.  The Birdhouse, my little studio, was swelterama so I retreated indoors to work. I’ve been keeping the top half of the stable door in the kitchen open so I can watch the constant too-ing and fro-ing of the swallows to their nest

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Two weekends ago I spent the weekend in Pittenweem with my sister & the dog. The plan was to spend two full days walking sections of the Fife Coastal Path but it rained a month’s worth of rain on the Saturday. I discovered very quickly that my new bee-print raincoat isn’t waterproof in the slightest

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There’s been an abundance of sunshine over the past month.  It’s a bit cooler this week but that optimistic June feel – the long days and short nights, the warm breeze, the luscious greens – is full of promise.  I sometimes think that the idea of a long summer stretching ahead is better than the

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We’re already 14 days into May & it has been quite marvellous so far – lots of blue skies and pink blossom.  The swifts arrived back in the village last week, joining the swallows and martins, and filling the sky with looping joy. One of the most lovely things about May is watching the birds

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Unbelievably, as I type, it is still snowing outside.  We were all up-in-arms about snow in March (and it snowed really quite a lot in March) but no one really expected it to be going strong into April.  There were some bright hopeful days, but they were few and far between. If this was this

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For the Spring Pack I compiled my own list of favourite things about Spring (see above).  I thought I’d got it covered but I was blown away by everyone’s contributions in the comments for the giveaway.  It seems that Spring brings A LOT of joy.  Hope, life, love, light, happiness, new beginnings, promise, new life

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