To be honest, this is not the blog post I was hoping to write at the start of March!  By mid February I had psychologically totally moved on to Spring and her busy activity and fresh bright greens.  I was planning a blog post full of sweet meadow scents and new life.  But then ‘The […]

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I recently shared the motivation behind my new ‘A Garden for Wildlife’ project and now I wanted to tell you about the inspiration behind the specific designs.  The ‘A Garden for Wildlife’ range is all about the plants, flowers and habits that help wildlife to thrive in gardens.  The first one, Winter Food, features a charm

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For me, there’s something magical about December.  The heavy frosts, cold dark nights, and whitewashed day-time skies.  The lattice-work of silhouetted bare branches against pastel sunsets.  There’s a stillness to December.  The wildlife seems to have retreated.  The only movement on our walks is the panicked noisy flight of pheasants when Buddy disturbs them.  To

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The first year I printed my own Christmas cards, I drew a robin.  I sold the cards at craft fairs for 60p.  That was six years ago.  The same little robin redbreast cards are still one of my most popular cards today.  Every year I think maybe this is the year he should retire –

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Every year I add a new winter card to the collection – a card that is blank outside but has a wintry illustration that can be used as a Christmas card.  This year’s addition is ‘Bullfinches & Red Berries’.  I decided to draw bullfinches after spending an enchanting 20 minutes watching two males perching precariously

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