The first year I printed my own Christmas cards, I drew a robin.  I sold the cards at craft fairs for 60p.  That was six years ago.  The same little robin redbreast cards are still one of my most popular cards today.  Every year I think maybe this is the year he should retire – […]

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  After a bizarrely warm October (no opportunities to get my woollens on – devastated!), November has arrived.  The temperatures are definitely beginning to take a dip – perhaps a hint at the hard frosts ahead.  The soft light of November is lying pretty on trees still populated by colourful autumn leaves.  The oak tree

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Every year I add a new winter card to the collection – a card that is blank outside but has a wintry illustration that can be used as a Christmas card.  This year’s addition is ‘Bullfinches & Red Berries’.  I decided to draw bullfinches after spending an enchanting 20 minutes watching two males perching precariously

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By October we are deep into the most wonderful season of the year.  Autumn is definitely the season I feel most at home in and October is her crowning glory.  The colours are magnificent – reds and yellows and pinks and browns, the air is fresh and clean, the days are still a decent length

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