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Nasturtiums – A Garden for Wildlife wrap-around card

$ 3.61

a long card featuring colourful nasturtiums that folds down to fit into a square envelope

  • wrap-around design
  • comes with kraft envelope with lovely coral inner liner
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‘Nasturtiums’ is a wonderful colourful drawing all about the benefits of having a these cheerful flowers in your garden.  It features variagated nasturtium flowers in glorious oranges, reds and yellows, as well as their big flat green leaves.  There’s a cabbage white butterfly nearby, and the caterpillars are feasting on the leaves.  Nasturtiums reward you in many ways: bold colour through late summer and early autumn; edible petals, leaves and seeds; and so easy to grow.  They repel pests that attack cucumbers and squashes.  Bees love brightly coloured nasturtiums, and they provide nectar for long-tongued bees.

I buy several packs of nasturium seeds every year.  You can just push the seeds directly into the soil and forget about them.  Then a lovely creeping covering of pretty leaves and delicate tendrils emerges, followed by pops of lovely colour.  Nasturtiums may even be my favourite flower.

The nasturtiums design is printed across the fold and wraps around the card.

Size: The folded cards are 15cm square; or 15cm x 30cm when opened up.

Each one comes with kraft envelope with a fabulous coral-coloured liner (I love these envelopes!).

This card is one of a collection of cards called ‘A Garden for Wildlife…’.  The cards are a tribute to my parents who were both excellent gardeners and created little wildlife havens in their gardens.  Every card sold from the collection will help to raise money for the ongoing work of the Macmillan Centre at our local hospital here in the Borders.  My mum was cared for there for many years and it is a place very dear to my family.  They have recently raised £830,000 to expand and improve the facilities.  This will make a huge difference to cancer patients in the Scottish Borders.  ** at least 10% of each sale will go straight to the Macmillan Centre to help with the ongoing upkeep of the facilities, especially the beautiful gardens. You can read all about why I am fundraising in this blog post.

The cards come in cellophane wraps and are carefully packaged for posting.


All our cards are designed, manufactured and packaged by hand in Scotland. They are printed on FSC approved card stock which means that it is sourced from sustainable mixed forests. The original drawings are done in pencil & watercolour. The designs are inspired by the rich variety of the British countryside. We believe it is important that people feel connected with the fields, hedgerows and woodlands around them. Only by loving and enjoying the countryside can we learn to care for it.

We love that when someone sends a card they are letting that person know they are valued. We like to imagine posties collecting and delivering the cards, and the journey the cards make by van and air and foot, landing on someone’s front door mat and making that person’s day. Are you planning on sending this card to someone special? Let us know when you leave a review!


We are committed to finding environmentally responsible packaging solutions.  We try to use paper-based packing tapes, and recycled cardboard envelopes and boxes wherever possible. This is a process we are committed to continuing with in order to reduce our impact on this beautiful planet. If you would like your card, or any other product, to be sent without a protective cellophane then just leave us a note at the check out.

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Weight 36 g
Dimensions 155 × 155 × 1 cm


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