Bird of the Month October: WoodPigeon

October is my favourite month of the year, and this one has been really lovely.  Those who have read the Bird of the Month blogs through the year might have spotted some slightly melancholy months (I’m looking at you, March and April) but I’m pleased to report that October has been a light-spirited, joyful month. 

I wanted to choose a bird that brings me joy and I thought of the pair of very fat woodpigeon that frequent our back garden.  They are there when I open the curtains.  Some days they seem to be there all day.  They don’t venture near the feeders, they just potter around at the back of the garden, cooing and flapping and so on.

Woodpigeons often go unnoticed but I think they are very beautiful.  There’s pinks and many greys and even some blue in their plumage.  And what would the countryside be without the distinctive ‘hoo-hroo’ call in the backgorund?

I’ve always thought my spirit-bird would be the pied wagtail but alas, I had a realisation recently that no, it would be the woodpigeon.  Cheerful, slightly round, ungainly in their flapping, coos a lot.  I’m ok with that.  Apparently they really like peas which I am also famous for.  I would happily have peas with every meal.

Which bird would be your spirit-bird?

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