March sketchbook page by Hannah Longmuir

An Ode to Toad toads are really very cool – here’s my assembled Amazing Toad Facts. I’ve had two toad encounters recently. Firstly, we found two long strings of toad spawn in the new pond.  I was beyond excited!  A toad had deemed our pond pondy-enough to lay in!  Unfortunately, my boisterous two-year-old managed to […]

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Starling Tree February sketchbook page Hannah Longmuir

February 2024 Journal Imbolc, Leap Day, half-term, bird watching, signs of spring A February with an extra day.  It feels like something exciting should happen on Leap Day.  But how do you follow Pancake Day in excitement?  Impossible. February has quite a few days of interest. We celebrated Imbolc for the first time – to

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January sketchbook page by Hannah Longmuir

January 2024 Journal how to be quiet I’ve been running my little business for over 12 years now.  Without fail, the run up to Christmas is hectic.  It begins with calendar launch in September and ends when the calendar sells out at the beginning of January.  I love it, it is such a buzz.  It

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bird watching with Dad

Nature Memories (The Wild Child Collection) Where does a love of nature come from?  I seem to be finding myself making drawings about childhood at the moment – perhaps inevitable when I spend my days following the children around. Their little bodies have crept into the drawings and the things they notice have become (once

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December Peace collared dove drawing sketchbook page Hannah Longmuir

December Sketchbook & Journal No big review of the year, here, just a brief record of a beautiful December 3rd December  Ready to leap in, head-first, to the festivities. The excitement on Piglet’s face, the anticipation, is magical.  We chose an enormous tree and brought it home strapped to the roof of the car.  It

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November sketchbook page by Hannah Longmuir

November Sketchbook & Journal I can’t come, sorry, I’m wintering 5th November Ten years since our first date! A whole decade of loving Ross. We left the kids with Granny and Papa and went to walk the path along the Kale water that we used to walk so often with Buddy, back in our Teapot

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October sketchbook page by Hannah Longmuir

October Sketchbook & Journal A month in which the absolutely ordinary, everyday, seemed even more precious than usual. So, October was wet.  It started off misty, rainy and weirdly warm.  There’s been a couple of hard frosts, but the wet has remained.  Enormous puddles (the children are delighted!), brown rivers, stormy weather. Regardless of the

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September sketchbook page woodland drawing at Glentress Hannah Longmuir

September Sketchbook & Journal from heatwave to pink Harvest Moon, dreamless nights, and the pages from my lovely day out sketching at Glentress I’m deeply distrustful of any September that dares to start with a heatwave.  Wtf.  September marks the much-anticipated reunion with the knitwear drawer, the dusting off of the boots, perhaps even the

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New Home Snail card by Hannah Longmuir

We love snail shells my four-year old collects snail shells and I’ve become quite a big fan, too.  I’ve even launched a new snail ‘new home’ card. In summer 2022, Piglet began collecting snail shells. It started when we found a whole lot of empty shells strewn across a path on an evening walk.  Piglet

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