June 2024 Journal and Sketchbook

The ordinary, mundane bits are breathtakingly beautiful

There was nothing especially remarkable about this June.  In fact, it was a bit grim in places.  It was cold and wet, largely, and my courgette plants are totally miserable.  Bunnies ate all my cosmos and a brand new clematis.  And we all got a sick bug.  But for some reason I’m flying high. Sometimes the joy and luck of this life I get to live blows me away.  I get these little happiness explosions where I really think I might collapse.  And then I spiral into wild guilt for getting so lucky.

Let me tell you about the sick bug.  We made it through 5+ years of parenting without getting a sick bug.  It was a good run.  We were perhaps a little smug. Then BOOM, rug pulled from under feet. And it was brutal. I thought I was dying. It took us all out one by one. Piglet was the last one standing and then he threw up all over my shoes. Reflections on sick bug week:

-grateful that we didn’t all go down at once

-grateful for a washing machine, spare bedding, a roof over our heads, plumbing.

-sleep is for the weak

– I did not like feeling like I couldn’t look after my kids

– feeling better is AMAZING.  It is almost worth feeling so shockingly terrible to get the pure ecstasy of feeling better.

We were poorly over the solstice and I was a bit blue about that because I’d planned to start establishing some lovely solstice traditions BUT on the evening of the solstice Ross & I watched a deer grazing in the courtyard in the evening sun and I felt peaceful. Can you watch a deer and not feel peaceful? They are gentleness and grace.  And being awake in the night with various vomiting family members meant that I saw the sun rise several times last week, and I know that my blackbird friend starts singing at exactly 3.33am in June. 

Today was Piglet’s last day of preschool nursery.  We made it through! And now I have him home every day for six beautiful weeks and I can’t wait.  I felt some apprehension about the long stretch of the summer holidays last year, but this year I am all in.  Before we became parents, I was most excited for age 5, and now it is here and I think I was right.  

We’re all off to the seaside on Monday for a week! CANNOT WAIT.  My privilege is sickening.

Sketchbook pages:

Above: biro snail; party Trix; wild rose; garden bunny

Below: pond dwellers – the pond is the best decision we ever made;

sticky willy

nettles 1 & 2

during the garden bunnies to try to make myself feel better about all my wee plants (that I tenderly cared for) that they are munching. Some dodgy drawings on this page but a few gems

harvest mouse in pencil and watercolour

June nature journal by Hannah Longmuir
June nature journal by Hannah Longmuir
June nature journal by Hannah Longmuir
June nature journal by Hannah Longmuir
June nature journal by Hannah Longmuir
June nature journal by Hannah Longmuir

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