Not-s-Mute Swans by Hannah Longmuir   I Know A Place by Hannah Longmuir The Hownam Road by Hannah Longmuir Green & Grey Trees by Hannah Longmuir   Swallows by Hannah Longmuir At the Corner of the Field by Hannah Longmuir A Hard Frost by Hannah Longmui Looking Down from the Bridge by Hannah Longmuir 4213 Garages by Hannah Longmuir

Tomorrow we say goodbye to our happy little house on Teapot Street and move to a new (bigger…) house.  Even though I know it’s the right decision and I’m very excited about New House, I’m still sad to leave the cottage.  We’ve been so happy there over the last 4 and a half years.  It’s seen us through some big life events.  Moving into the cottage was the first time I’d ever lived by myself.  It was the first time I’d owned a home.  It’s also the home my mum helped me choose before she died.  It’s the first home Ross & I have shared, the home we got engaged and married from.  Buddy was a youngster there, we learnt DIY there, the swallows nested there, we planted a tree there…  It has been a happy happy home and it is a sweet farewell.

These are some of the many drawings I’ve done of the surrounding countryside in and around the village.




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