October Sketchbook & Journal

A month in which the absolutely ordinary, everyday, seemed even more precious than usual.

So, October was wet.  It started off misty, rainy and weirdly warm.  There’s been a couple of hard frosts, but the wet has remained.  Enormous puddles (the children are delighted!), brown rivers, stormy weather.

Regardless of the rain, October is my favourite month of the year.  I have the most energy in October.  And so many ideas!  I feel my most creative in the autumn.  Maybe it is the colours?  Or the slight chill in the air, the atmospheric light.  Or maybe it is the shedding of the hectic summer energy leaving space for new projects.  Whatever the reason, I’ve got lots of new things up my sleeve.  And I’ve been crafting lots with the kids.  We’ve been painting conkers to make decorations, creating a family of snails out of cardboard and illustrating Piglet’s very own picture book.

October held the October holidays, of course.  A much-needed break from nursery. Unfortunately both kids got hand-foot-and-mouth in the holiday week (a grim, medieval bug!), but we managed lots of nice adventures regardless. The world seems like a dark place at the moment.  Every day in which I get to have a very ordinary afternoon with the kids seems like the most precious gift. To go about our day without fear, and to tuck them into bed in the night without worry for their safety, is absolutely everything.  I don’t have a huge amount to report from October, and that in itself is wonderful.

Here’s some of our October moments:

– the very last of the butterflies, sleepy and sluggish, on the tall pink flowers in the front garden

– reversing the car back down a road to watch deer in a field at sunset

– starlings on wires, silhouetted against a pink and blue sky

– collecting sycamore seeds, acorns, conkers, leaves

– toasting marshmallows in the woods

– bubble baths after getting wet and muddy on puddle walks

– hide & seek behind tall trees

– the mice have come indoors! Loudly.  There’s even one in the car, somehow.

You can find the October card herehttps://hannahlongmuir.co.uk/product/october-wild-months-card/

October sketchbook page by Hannah Longmuir
October sketchbook page by Hannah Longmuir
October sketchbook page by Hannah Longmuir
October sketchbook page by Hannah Longmuir

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