Aaaaand just like that, I have a two year old!

One to two whooshed by like a sneaky flying thing.  Pig has done so much in a year.  He’s learnt how to walk, run, jump (sort of).  He dances and bounces and stamps and runs-on-the-spot.  Watching a one year old learn to do steps by themselves is a heart-stopping thing.  I’ve spent so much of the last year with my heart-in-my-mouth, limbs tingling, trying not to be over-protective.  Letting him learn things on his own is physically painful for me sometimes.  Repetition is everything.

He has said his first words in the past year (car, mum, dad, papa, uh-oh, wow, gaga, hiya).  He is desperate to communicate.  This coming year will be big for that.  I can’t wait to hear him say sentences.  Will he have an accent?  I guess so!

The innocence of a toddler is wonderful.  He lives totally in the moment.  He is honest.  He forgives quickly.  He is affectionate and silly and sweet.  He is quickly furious and just as quickly fine again.  He doesn’t mind at all about having food on his face (and I’ve realised how many things I say are aimed at making him self-conscious.  What a shame).  He is easily amazed, easily charmed, quick to love.  I think he genuinely believes I can kiss it better when he bumps his head.

He really isn’t very interested in drawing.  Or painting or colouring or making.  I wonder if I was yet by age two?  There’s no one to ask.

He still doesn’t sleep very well.  I didn’t expect that.  It is much better than this time last year so I shan’t complain.  But I’d also be ok with it if he started sleeping on his own more.  I’d like to move back into my own bed soon.  He’s also a very fussy eater.  That’s come as a surprise, too.  Ross & I eat everything.  Pig eats nothing except pasta and crumpets.

Potty training lies ahead this year.  Neither him nor me are very interested in that yet.  I thought I’d be desperate to get him out of nappies but really, nappies are fine.  They are our way of life now.  I’m used to them.  Pants, however, have endless potential to be messy and stressful.  I’m happy with nappies for a while longer.

He might stop napping this year!  That’s a scary thought for me.  Two hours off in the middle of the day is everything (and is a lot of extra work hours for me a week).

I can’t wait for age 2 – 3 but I also want to freeze time and watch him be a newly-two year old forever.


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