Summer 2023 Sketchbook & Journal - a little more July and August

The very very end of August and I think I can feel the tip toward Autumn happening. Maybe it is more of a slip than a tip. Or a drift. I thought chilly thoughts getting out of bed this morning.  There was condensation on the inside of the window when I opened the curtains. We all wore jumpers going out, the air definitely crisper.

Piglet has been back at nursery for over two weeks. Our summer of fun is already becoming a hazy memory.  This was my first year of experiencing the big six week summer break as a parent. It loomed large, slightly intimidating. Once we had got into the swing of it, though, we had a wonderful time together. It wasn’t hard to fill the days (although I couldn’t really tell you what we did.  Pottered, mostly).  We all felt the weight of the start of term approaching again but it has been a positive return to nursery.  We proceed cautiously optimistic.

One of the best things about the summer was seeing the kids start to develop a friendship. They’ve been so happy to see each other after nursery pick up this past fortnight. Trix is 17 months now and much more able to hold her own with her big brother! He’s the one most likely to get a belly laugh out of her.

There’s not been a lot of time for sketchbooking this month as I have been getting ready for the big annual Calendar Launch event.  The run up is long: researching, designing, proofing, printing, photographing, editing, listing, marketing. Months in the making, and now I finally get to show everyone what I made.  Calendar Launch is my biggest sales week of the year.  It is so exciting and lovely to be sending calendars out across the world again, another year of being on kitchen walls and being part of the day-in-day-out of appointments and reminders.   You can find the 2024 Wildlife Calendar here:

August things:

a field of sunflowers in East Lothian

an explosion of butterflies, especially on the mini buddleia at the front door (which we thought was dead). Oftentimes there are red admirals, peacocks, commas and tortoiseshells on it.

red rowan berries, and grey squirrels eating them

late hatching swallow chicks at Ross’s workshop.  Piglet calls the baby birds ‘little darlings’ which I think is adorable.

finally some sunshine after the wettest summer

peas straight from the pod at the allotment

sleepless nights as the baby gets her first molars

balanced by happy days watching her discover a love for books, animals, drawing


July sketchbook page by Hannah Longmuir
August sketchbook page by Hannah Longmuir
August sketchbook page by Hannah Longmuir
August sketchbook page by Hannah Longmuir

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