For the Spring Pack I compiled my own list of favourite things about Spring (see above).  I thought I’d got it covered but I was blown away by everyone’s contributions in the comments for the giveaway.  It seems that Spring brings A LOT of joy.  Hope, life, love, light, happiness, new beginnings, promise, new life were all mentioned many times. So I’ve compiled some of the comments into a definitive list of everyone’s favourite things about Spring.  You can see my own original list in the image above:

  • Leaving the house in the morning and walking home in the evening in the light
  • bird song
  • Aconites, chionadoxa, crocuses, forsythia bushes, hyacinths, tulips, daffodils, primroses, wood sorrel
  • wrens nesting in flower pots
  • sleepy bumblebees
  • hanging washing out on the line
  • the smell of freshly mown grass after the first grass cut of the year
  • the first day you go out without a coat on
  • warm sun rays coming in through the window
  • dew on the grass
  • nest building activity
  • watching new fledglings emerge and find their wings
  • the skydancing of the lapwing
  • the song of the skylark
  • the hope that this summer is going to be a good one
  • long evening shadows
  • yellow
  • flowers appearing ‘like neatly tucked handkerchiefs’
  • being able to open the windows
  • buds bursting
  • stags thrashing about trying to shed their antlers
  • the weather being good enough to climb mountains again

and there were many more! There were a lot of votes for lambs, bunnies and daffodils.  You people have truly captured the joy of spring! Thanks so much!

The Best Things About Spring

table decorations at our springtime wedding last April.  Happy memories!  Photo by Laura Johnson.

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