Our little baby boy, Murdo (or The Piglet, as I most often call him as he makes lots of snuffly piglet noises and has legs that look like sausages), was born in May and since then we’ve been enjoying getting to know each other. It’s been a rollercoaster of a ride – as any new parent will tell you – featuring a very long wait for him to arrive (42 whole weeks), a dramatic (read: traumatic) birth, lots of lovely snuggles (but a very difficult time with feeding) and a huge amount of tears (mainly me). The hormones + everything being new + interrupted sleep + no alone time (and therefore no time to draw, which is what usually keeps me sane) makes for an intense first few weeks. It has also been the best few weeks of my life. He’s so funny and sweet and fascinating.

I was very lucky that Ross could take six weeks away from the workshop to spend with Piglet & I (and Buddy, of course). It’s been a lovely little bubble of bliss. He returned to work last week. We’re sharing the parenting, so it is also time for me to do a very little work. My online shops have been closed for 10 weeks which has felt very strange so I think it is time to get them back open and re-enter the real world!

In order to keep things manageable, I’ll be doing just two dispatch days for online shop orders over the next while. This will mean that there might be a slightly longer time before orders are shipped than there used to be. If you need something urgently – for a birthday or an occasion – then drop me an email to let me know either before you place your order or just after. My email address is hello@hannahlongmuir.co.uk. I’ll not be taking any commission drawing work for the rest of this year.

I’ve been really amazed at how kind and interested you lovely customers have been throughout the pregnancy and since Piglet arrived. I’ve not had a chance to individually thank for the messages and cards and gifts but I want you to know that everything has been noted and appreciated!

While I’ve been on maternity leave the business has celebrated it’s 8th birthday! Eight years! That blows my mind. Eight brilliant years of grahpite and blue tits and joy. Thank you!

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