I recently got a chance to go for a solo walk round the woodland.  I love exploring the wood with my one-year-old boy but keeping him safe and on his feet tends to take up a lot of my focus so I miss a lot of the details.  Since we don’t have Buddy dog anymore I’ve been struggling to prioritise getting out for a good walk.  But a couple of Tuesdays ago I saw a window of opportunity and went and it was glorious.  It was peak autumn.  The leaves were red and gold and brown.  The light was perfect.  There was a myriad of fungi everywhere.  I loved it.

I came straight home and did a collage in my sketchbook.  I went old school with ripped up magazines, PVA glue and a sharpie.  I had a marvellous time.  It was nice to be a little bit more experimental and free.  Here’s the results.

Hannah Longmuir autumn day sketchbook Hannah Longmuir autumn day sketchbook

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