Happy Thinking of You Week!

Thinking of You Week is organised by the Greetings Card Association with the goal of highlighting the the emotional impact that sending a handwritten card can have.  The emotional significance of the written word during lockdown has been made clear by new Royal Mail research, which reveals that one in five (18%) UK adults have been sending more letters and cards since measures began. The postal operator shared how nearly three quarters (74%) of Britons feel that the writing of cards and letters has positive mental health benefits. I’ve certainly noticed a big upturn in card and letter writing set orders since restrictions were announced in March.

I do think that the fact that you have spent the time to make or choose a card, write it, and send it has the power to make someone feel really special and loved.  And sometimes it is easier to express yourself through writing in a card or a letter – telling someone you miss them and treasure them – than it is to do in person.  E-cards have come (and almost gone), social media keeps us connected on a daily basis, but a good old handwritten note in the post remains the most special.  I moved out of home when I was 16 to study art at college up in the big city.  Most weeks my mum would send a little card or letter, sometimes with an article she’d clipped from the paper or a photograph she had come across.  I loved those little bulletins from her. It was comforting and steady.  What I’d give to see her handwriting on an envelope now.  I can’t tell you how much I’d treasure one more letter from her, telling me about her week and what’s happening in the village and the latest tasks in the garden.  {side note: my mum was also very willing to send you absolutely anything you wanted by post.  She posted smoked fish packed in ice and newspaper to my Granny in Northern Ireland, an iron to my sister on Skye, waterproof trousers to me when I was working on the rainy west coast and numerous other awkward objects.  If mum saw a way she could help then she went for it!}

The other great thing about cards is that you can keep them.  I have a box of cards that I’ve received over the years.  Meaningful occasions, Valentines Cards, thoughtful friends, and some of those regular bulletins from my mum.  Cards are displayed in the home and many are kept for years, providing a reminder of the person that has sent it and of your relationship with them.

Every time someone choses one of my cards to send it slightly blows my mind.  Being a greetings card designer and publisher is an absolute privilege.  Sometimes I think about all the birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and occasions for condolences that I’ve been involved with in a tiny way. To say thank you for letting me be part of your big and little moments I’ve created a little discount coupon for 10% off in the shop all this week in celebration of the 2020 Thinking of You Week.  If you enter the code thinkingofyou at the check out you’ll receive 10% off your order.

Who could you write to this week?

PS the card in the photo is the ‘I’m All Ears’ design which you can find in my shop


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