April Review: New Life

The Baby arrived at the end of March.  Life has been a bit topsy-turvy since then.  Here’s a very brief review:

She’s safely here! Our wee Trixie girl has joined the family.  Her birth was joyful and peaceful and straightforward and I am beyond grateful for that.  She’s got these wonderful little fuzzy shoulders, covered in tiny fine hairs like a bumblebee.  She’s a peaceful little thing, until she’s not, and then she shouts loudly like an angry donkey. She also grunts a lot, and growls when she wants milk. I like her a lot.  Big brother is yet to be fully convinced of her charms (that’s probably been the hardest thing; missing my big boy and feeling guilty for turning his world upside down).  We did have a little hiccup in the form of a nasty rash, which caused us to be readmitted to hospital for three nights when she was two weeks old. My tender mama heart is still in recovery.

For the first half of April, my nature-spots were from the windows of the house.  Because I had a c-section, I haven’t been out and about in the countryside as much as I usually would be.   I’ve admired the hellebores in flower by the front door; a blackbird collecting nesting material outside the french windows; seeing the quince blossom bloom peachy-pink from the upstairs bedroom window; a butterfly (a red admiral, I think) flapping past the sitting room window; and grey wagtails flitting about outside the kitchen window.  

In the second half of the month, I’ve made it out for little wanders with Piglet – watching slaters (woodlouse) disappear under stones, a 9-spot browny-red ladybird on a picnic bench, a spider climbing up the chute in the garden.  We made it back to our Wednesday Wildlife Club, with dad in tow, for dandelion pancakes in the sunshine and marshmallows toasted on an open fire.  Little moments amongst the new-born chaos.

Unpopular Opinion: skylarks are annoying.  They are always lauded as a joyful sound of spring, but I think that nothing ruins a good picnic quicker than a skylark havering away above your head (except wasps, they are the kings of picnic-ruining).  Does anyone agree?  The day before Trixie was born we went to the beach on Lindisfarne.  Our last venture as a family of three.  We had the whole beach to ourselves.  The tide was miles out.  And those relentless, incessant skylarks chirruped away above the dunes the whole time. [We managed to have a lovely time regardless.]

Mostly, though, April has passed in a milky haze.  I sit in a big chair, feeding and getting sicked on, eating all the Easter chocolate, loving and worrying.



April sketchbook Hannah Longmuir
April sketchbook Hannah Longmuir
April sketchbook Hannah Longmuir

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