March sketchbook page by Hannah Longmuir

An Ode to Toad toads are really very cool – here’s my assembled Amazing Toad Facts. I’ve had two toad encounters recently. Firstly, we found two long strings of toad spawn in the new pond.  I was beyond excited!  A toad had deemed our pond pondy-enough to lay in!  Unfortunately, my boisterous two-year-old managed to […]

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New Home Snail card by Hannah Longmuir

We love snail shells my four-year old collects snail shells and I’ve become quite a big fan, too.  I’ve even launched a new snail ‘new home’ card. In summer 2022, Piglet began collecting snail shells. It started when we found a whole lot of empty shells strewn across a path on an evening walk.  Piglet

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I have chosen the siskin as my bird of the month for May.  These little yellow sweethearts have been our constant companions in the garden this month.  We haven’t really seen siskins on the feeders here before – except the odd fleeting sighting in the winter – but this spring there has been at least

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We really love putting food out for the birds. Pig helps me scoop the peanuts and sunflower hearts and roll lovely round fat balls into the feeders.  He’s very serious about carrying them back out to the garden without spilling any seed.  Ross gave me a window feeder for my birthday and it has been

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We currently have a large group of Long Tailed Tits who come to the feeders every day to feast on the fat balls.  They pop to and from the tree to the side of the feeders – some feed, some keep a noisy chattering watch from the tree.  The best view of them is from

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Although many different species of birds frequent our bird feeders in the garden, it is the kingdom of the Great Tit. These handsome, squabbalacious tits are the no-nonsense rulers of the peanut feeders. They pester, bully and quarrel with the smaller birds. It seems that the coal tits and blue tits are mere subjects in

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We moved house at the end of the summer so this is our first spring in New House. It’s been completely joyful discovering the spring flowers, one by one, as they make their appearance. Neither of us are gardeners, really, so we don’t always know what it is we are looking at, or how to

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This is the time of year when it’s good to get your nest boxes cleaned out and ready for a new generation of feathered inhabitants. Here’s the RSPB advice on how to clean out your nest box. Small birds tend to pair up and prospect for their nesting site in the latter half of February

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One thing we were delighted to discover when we moved into The New House was that the peanut feeders in the garden were frequented by nuthatches. They are a bird I’ve always admired but not known a great deal about so I decided to do some research. Here’s what I learnt: Nuthatches seldom travel far

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