We moved house at the end of the summer so this is our first spring in New House. It’s been completely joyful discovering the spring flowers, one by one, as they make their appearance. Neither of us are gardeners, really, so we don’t always know what it is we are looking at, or how to look after it. We have a lot to learn but we are both totally enchanted by the garden so we are keen to do our best. Here’s a few of the beauties that were in bloom over Easter weekend:

I think there will be a lot more floral drawings in my future work!

There’s been lots of butterflies in the garden, too, and busy birds collecting nesting materials. We also have a mysterious noise coming from our roof space – a tapping or knocking, really quite loud, and some scrabbling. Any idea what it could be? We think probably birds nesting, but we aren’t sure. Ross reckons it is the stork knocking! (my due date is only 5 days away now!).

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