Easter is a time of renewal, hope and the promise of new life. Here’s some ideas for nature-themed Easter cards to send to loved ones. [The captions under the images are click-able]

April Wild Months card by Hannah Longmuir
April Wild Months Card; £2.30
image of Charlie Bunny card by Hannah Longmuir
Charlie Bunny Card; £2.30
Also comes as a print & a mug
Spring Easter Card by Hannah Longmuir
Spring Card; £2.80
Miyoko Duckling Card by Hannah Longmuir
Duckling Card; £2.30
Also comes as a print & as part of a mallards mug
Tortoiseshell Pop Up Butterfly Card by Hannah Longmuir
Tortoiseshell Pop-up Butterfly Card; £4
Mini Flower Notelets by Hannah Longmuir
Mini Flower Notelets – Pack of 5 different flowers; £6
The Hedgerow card by Hannah Longmuir
The Hedgerow Card from the Nature’s Notebook range; £2.30

You can find all these cards, plus lots of other ideas for Easter gifts, in the shop. Don’t dawdle though as Easter is just over a week away (and my maternity leave could start any time and I’ll have to close the shops for a little bit. To learn more about my count-down to maternity you can read this blog.)

Wishing you all a peaceful, happy, hopeful Eastertime.


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