Isle of Iona sketchbook pages Hannah Longmuir

The Iona Pages the sketchbook pages from a very special Easter trip to one of our favourite places Iona is a little island off a bigger island off the west coast of Scotland.  Scotland is also part of an island, so I suppose Iona is an island off an island off an island.  I first […]

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Turnstone sketches by Hannah Longmuir

This blog post is an ode to the turnstones in Campbeltown harbour. When the tide was high the turnstones grouped together, huddled and impatient, just above the water line on the harbour wall.  Looking down on them from the harbour wall, their chestnut brown summer plumage looked like camouflage against the stones.  They were wobbling

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I am very excited to announce that I have partnered with Mossy Earth – a rewilding and reforestation project – to plan eight trees each month as part of my efforts to compensate for the carbon footprint created by my business. Mossy Earth is a project powered by individuals and businesses becoming members.  Mossy Earth

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We are just back from a much needed few days by the sea.  I’ve always been of the opinion that the closer you are to the ocean, the better you feel.  I’ve just googled “why is being by the sea good for you?” and this is what I’ve learnt: doctors have been prescribing curative trips

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Here at Drygrange there are some wonderful Horse Chestnut trees in the woodland.  I have two favourites in particular.  One of them overhangs the drive in, and the other one is fairly nearby down a muddy slope.  I always make a point of greeting them as we walk by.  I have really enjoyed watching them

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We’re not long back from a wild but wonderful trip to the Isle of Harris, which lies 24 miles from the nearest point on the mainland, across a strip of water called the Minch.  It was my first trip to the Outer Hebrides, and a trip I’d been keen to do for a while.  As

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    Tomorrow we say goodbye to our happy little house on Teapot Street and move to a new (bigger…) house.  Even though I know it’s the right decision and I’m very excited about New House, I’m still sad to leave the cottage.  We’ve been so happy there over the last 4 and a half

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The last week of June was absolutely scorching here in the Scottish Borders.  The Birdhouse, my little studio, was swelterama so I retreated indoors to work. I’ve been keeping the top half of the stable door in the kitchen open so I can watch the constant too-ing and fro-ing of the swallows to their nest

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Two weekends ago I spent the weekend in Pittenweem with my sister & the dog. The plan was to spend two full days walking sections of the Fife Coastal Path but it rained a month’s worth of rain on the Saturday. I discovered very quickly that my new bee-print raincoat isn’t waterproof in the slightest

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