September sketchbook Hannah Longmuir

September Review: Hectic Fruitfulness What a busy month! Join me in my review of it. I’m absolutely amazed that I have found a moment to write a September review, or to draw in my sketchbook at all.  September has been a very busy month.  For me, work has been full on (which is great, always […]

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July August sketchbook Hannah Longmuir

Half-of-July and August Review: summer ends Here we are, at the tail-end of summer, and I couldn’t be more ready to move on to autumn. I last wrote half way through July, mid-heatwave.  Other than cursing the heat and sweating my way through all the baby’s naps, I was having a wonderful summer exploring with

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June sketchbook Hannah Longmuir

June and half-of-July Review: things summer should be We went on holiday at the end of June which meant I had no chance to write a review post so here it is now, half-way-through-July.   Piglet is at an age now where the summer months are all about him.  Summer is for kids.  Long, warm days

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May Sketchbook page Hannah Longmuir

May Review: Only Joy I have nothing bad to say about May.  She’s been kind to me. May is a naturally joyful month.  All the fresh bright greens in a billion different shades, leaves so bountiful the trees are weighed down, canopies so dense that they form dark tunnels. Bees buzzing, swallows and swifts filling

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April sketchbook Hannah Longmuir

April Review: New Life The Baby arrived at the end of March.  Life has been a bit topsy-turvy since then.  Here’s a very brief review: She’s safely here! Our wee Trixie girl has joined the family.  Her birth was joyful and peaceful and straightforward and I am beyond grateful for that.  She’s got these wonderful

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March sketchbook page, hare, Hannah Longmuir

March Review: Waiting for Spring (and baby) I’m writing the March review a little early because by the end of the month I might be completed lost in a bundle of newborn blankets and sleepy, milky days. March has been a month of waiting. I think I expect spring to whizz and pop into abundant

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Snowdrop Sketches by Hannah Longmuir

February Review: Stormy but sweet This is how February went: snowdrops, muddy puddles, blackbird, pheasant, snowdrops.  All with a background of wind. Outside, February was stormy.  Dudley! Eunice! Franklin!  More trees down, more powercuts.  We found a whole nest, perfectly formed and still intact, on the ground.  Beautifully arranged sticks and little fluffy white feathers. 

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Lockdown Wildflowers by Hannah Longmuir

Lockdown Wildflowers: How I Made My Biggest Drawing Yet I’ve recently finished my biggest, slowest, most favourite drawing ever.  Here’s a little summary of how it came about: Lockdown 2020.  Sometimes I forget how extreme it was and then I remember a detail – like there being chains round the gates of play parks, or

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I’ve been absolutely fascinated by the woodland in spring this year.  I missed three months of the woodland last year with being either too heavily pregnant to walk very far or stuck in the house recovering with the new-born.  Whereas this year, during lock-down, I’ve had all the time in the world to stoop down

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We moved house at the end of the summer so this is our first spring in New House. It’s been completely joyful discovering the spring flowers, one by one, as they make their appearance. Neither of us are gardeners, really, so we don’t always know what it is we are looking at, or how to

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