New Home Snail card by Hannah Longmuir

We love snail shells my four-year old collects snail shells and I’ve become quite a big fan, too.  I’ve even launched a new snail ‘new home’ card. In summer 2022, Piglet began collecting snail shells. It started when we found a whole lot of empty shells strewn across a path on an evening walk.  Piglet […]

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June sketchbook Hannah Longmuir

June and half-of-July Review: things summer should be We went on holiday at the end of June which meant I had no chance to write a review post so here it is now, half-way-through-July.   Piglet is at an age now where the summer months are all about him.  Summer is for kids.  Long, warm days

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May Sketchbook page Hannah Longmuir

May Review: Only Joy I have nothing bad to say about May.  She’s been kind to me. May is a naturally joyful month.  All the fresh bright greens in a billion different shades, leaves so bountiful the trees are weighed down, canopies so dense that they form dark tunnels. Bees buzzing, swallows and swifts filling

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April sketchbook Hannah Longmuir

April Review: New Life The Baby arrived at the end of March.  Life has been a bit topsy-turvy since then.  Here’s a very brief review: She’s safely here! Our wee Trixie girl has joined the family.  Her birth was joyful and peaceful and straightforward and I am beyond grateful for that.  She’s got these wonderful

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March sketchbook page, hare, Hannah Longmuir

March Review: Waiting for Spring (and baby) I’m writing the March review a little early because by the end of the month I might be completed lost in a bundle of newborn blankets and sleepy, milky days. March has been a month of waiting. I think I expect spring to whizz and pop into abundant

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Snowdrop Sketches by Hannah Longmuir

February Review: Stormy but sweet This is how February went: snowdrops, muddy puddles, blackbird, pheasant, snowdrops.  All with a background of wind. Outside, February was stormy.  Dudley! Eunice! Franklin!  More trees down, more powercuts.  We found a whole nest, perfectly formed and still intact, on the ground.  Beautifully arranged sticks and little fluffy white feathers. 

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January sketchbook page Hannah Longmuir

January Review: Slow, Sleepy, Sleepless I always look forward to January.  It seems like it has so much potential.  But somehow it never quite goes to plan. I like the idea of January being a clean slate.  A fresh, cold start.  There seems to be so much to like about January.  Bright, chilly mornings; good

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Fieldfare drawing by Hannah Longmuir

Bird of the Month December: Fieldfare My very last bird of the month! And a stunning final entry, I think.  Our gorgeous winter visitor, the fieldfare. The reason I chose the fieldfare for December is very simple – at the beginning of the month, I was driving home in the golden early afternoon winter sunshine

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Barn Owl sketch by Hannah Longmuir

Bird of the Month November: Barn Owl I chose the barn owl for my bird of the month for November because, for me, the barn owl is a bird of dark nights and big moons. My little boy is completely enraptured by the moon at the moment. Full moons, moons shrouded in clouds, daytime moons

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Bird of the Month October: WoodPigeon October is my favourite month of the year, and this one has been really lovely.  Those who have read the Bird of the Month blogs through the year might have spotted some slightly melancholy months (I’m looking at you, March and April) but I’m pleased to report that October has been a

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